Dauphin County Anglers Association

Gentlemen – here is the final draft of the DCAC video (see link below). From all accounts from everyone, the video is a hit so I suggest that we post this to our Facebook / Web page. Please make sure that we recognize Jesse Urban (video creator) and direct folks to his web page as he put a lot of energy and time into this project for us!


The Dauphin County Anglers and Conservationists (DCAC) at Stack Pole Nursery is proud of its past and excited about its future. For over 40 years, the club has been committed to offering a wonderful facility to introduce youth to our shared love of fishing. The 7 tenths of a mile that runs behind the nursery is dedicated also to physically disabled fisher people. Along with offering our facilities to the youth and the disabled, the club raises over 8,000 trout annually that are stocked by members in several Dauphin County approved fishing waters. This commitment positively affects the experience of all anglers in the Dauphin County region. Our Kids Trout Rodeo is a wonderful example of the impact the club has on youth while demonstrating the ongoing commitment and traditions the club’s members hold so dear.

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